In Search Of Scooter Insurance For A Unique Rider

While scooters have always been popular in Europe, a recent poll showed that scooter ridership was up by over 200% in the US. With so many scooters on the road, the opportunity for scooter accidents have increased and the need for scooter insurance have become necessary. Scooter riders must protect themselves against financial difficulties in the event there is an accident just as they would in the case of an automobile accident.

Because there are so many types of scooters and scooter riders, scooter insurance is extremely individualized. Some riders chose simple mopeds while other riders select the more powerful gas or electric motorized scooters. The type of scooter an individual chooses may depend on the rider’s riding style, experience and the terrain on which he or she will ride.

Like any other insurance, this type of insurance provides financial coverage in the event of an accident. Because scooters are extremely inexpensive ‘as compared to a motor vehicle, justification for insuring may seem impractical. However, because of the size and openness of scooters, the rider can expect to suffer extreme damages in the event of an accident. Insurance would then be absolutely essential in not only replacing the scooter but also could provide coverage for medical bills.

The individualized nature of scooters and the differing regulations on scooters makes sifting through the right fit insurance coverage time consuming and confusing. Riders must ensure that the scooter model they are riding is covered, as some insurers will not cover scooters imported from Japan; riders must ensure that they are in compliance with country and state scooter regulations; and the scooter rider may also want to ensure that his or her insurance covers accessories. Finally, the rider may want to ensure that he or she receives coverage at a reasonable and affordable price.

To find scooter insurance coverage, riders can start with their current insurance policy provider. The current insurer may choose to place a ‘rider’ on the rider’s current automobile policy or the insurer may choose to underwrite a policy for the scooter. The rider should expect to receive discounts for his or her insurance policy since he or she already has a policy with the insurer.

Should the option to obtain insurance from the rider’s current insurer prove to be unviable, the rider may choose to obtain insurance from companies who specialize in scooter insurance. Rather than sift through each individual company, the rider may choose to visit an insurance brokerage with a specialty in scooter insurance. Many of these insurance companies can be found on the internet and many offer online quotes.

Scooter insurers offer the same coverage options as automobile insurance: collisions, liability, medical and replacement. The rider should pay special attention to liability coverage as some insurers will offer no benefits if the rider is at fault in the accident. It is also extremely important that the rider ensures that the replacement portion of his or her policy covers theft as theft is the number one cause of loss for scooter riders.

Source by David V. Williams

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