By: Mike Yorkey (1994)

ISBN 0-89283-864-7

Book Price: $12.50


Mike Yorkey, former newspaper editor, also became editor of Focus on the Family magazine. He is the author, co-author or editor of more than 75 books with 2 million copies in print. He was editor-in-chief of nine national magazines, and also worked with Stephen Arterburn: “Every Man’s Battle”, Michael Chang, Billy Davis, Jr. etc.

Save money

In 16 chapters, Mike Yorkey provides many ways for readers to save money. Some of his chapter headings include: We Spent How Much (Ch. 1), Never Pay Retail (Ch. 6), Something for Nothing (Ch. 8), Fancy Stuff without a Fancy Price (Ch. 10), The Investment Game (Ch. 14), The Checkout Line (Ch. 16), and much more.

Overcome consumer-driven lifestyle

Mike Yorkey shares with a direct tone, wasting no time getting to his point. In his introduction he describes his format stating, “Along with learning valuable tips, you’ll have fun reading the interesting illustrations, informative sidebars, and quick-hitting advice.” His target audience is noticeably, lower to middle-class Christian families.

Mike’s aim is to help readers to rise above a consumer-driven lifestyle to enter financial peace and freedom. He questions, “… how do we keep our heads and spend wisely? How do we know what is a good deal and what is not? This book will help you answer these questions, plus give you lots of practical tips on stretching your spending… “

The blunt manner in which Mr. Yorkey addresses topics will alert readers to decisive tips for spending less. He discusses clothing purchases in one instance, declaring, “Because stores have to make room for their hot-selling profit-makers, no one should ever pay retail for clothes… Be patient… buying clothes… during the stores’ big sales… “

Mike shares informative insights to aid negotiations. He advises, “The informed buyer knows that the markup on furniture is 100 to 200 percent. Asking “Is this your best price?” will send a message that you want to negotiate.”

Mr. Yorkey portrays a proactive message, saying, “Couples who work steadily at their finances-trimming a bit here, planning for the future there-won’t have to scramble when the car dies or one of the kids needs braces.”

Spend less and have more

Mike Yorkey shares informative and practical ways for readers to spend less and have more.

Source by Dr. Steven J. Lynne

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