When it comes to saving money on your monthly expenses, car insurance is not something you want to go without. Not only is it illegal to operate a vehicle without minimum coverage, but having a good policy also protects you, your loved ones, and your vehicle investment. Fortunately, getting a top policy doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium price. There are many ways you can save on your car insurance, and one of the main ways is by receiving discounts. Here are nine discounts that you may qualify for that could save you a bundle on your monthly payment.

Payment Discounts

You have to pay your car insurance premiums no matter what, so why not pay them in such a way that saves you a little money in the process? If you can swing it, paying a full year’s or half a year’s worth of premiums up front may allow you to qualify for a discount. Not an option? You can still receive a discount on many policies just by signing up to have your payments automatically drafted from your account. In many cases, you can also receive a price break by signing up for paperless billing, allowing you to save money and de-clutter your mailbox at the same time.

Bundling Policies

Holding multiple policies with the same insurer, or bundling, often allows the policyholder to receive a discount. Having multiple vehicles covered by the same company is another way that customers often qualify for monthly savings.

Defensive Driving

By taking a quick defensive driving course, you can save money on your policy costs. With many courses being offered online, completing a course is quick and easy, and doing so can provide you with valuable knowledge to protect yourself and others on the road.

Safe Driver

Get rewarded for being a safe driver and having a clean driving history by receiving a discount. Many companies offer these types of savings, so it is important to check with your provider and see if you qualify.

Green Vehicle

Not only do you reap cost savings when you purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle, but you can also shave dollars off your premium cost as well. Many companies are ready to reward eco-friendly vehicle operators by helping them save on their monthly bill.

Safety Features

Vehicles with certain safety features often qualify for insurance discounts. Some safety features that may qualify for cost savings include daytime running lights, airbags, motorized seat belts, and anti-lock brakes.


Sometimes shopping around for the best policy can you get the best deal, but it can also pay to stay with the same insurer. Many companies offer policy savings to loyal customers.

Good Student

It is no secret that insurance policies for young drivers can be very expensive. However, a young driver who is also a good student can reduce some of that expense by qualifying for cost savings through earning good grades in school. Some companies even offer discounts to students who are attending school far away from home.

Military and Occupational

Members of the military are eligible for premium cost reduction with many companies. Certain other occupations may also be eligible for savings, including teachers, nurses, police officers, and firefighters, so it is important to check with your provider to see what they offer.

While you can’t be without car insurance, you can go without paying full price. By knowing which discounts are available and taking advantage of the ones that apply to you, you can shave costs off of this monthly expense and enjoy a little extra cash in the bank.

Source by Aaliyah Arthur

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