Great insurance advice should be centered around methods for easily increasing sales. A common misconception is that having more prospects means you automatically should sell more insurance. When you learn to disqualify prospects without difficulty it makes you a stronger closer. Here is how it works.

Virtually every insurance agent is pressured to concentrate on working heavily beyond their comfort zone. The comfort zone is almost the complete opposite of the twilight zone. However, get too hard outside your selling comfort zone, and you will feel like you are in the twilight zone.

DETERMINE YOUR COMFORT ZONE To determine where your comfort zone is currently at draw a circle on a sheet of paper. Now, look around the average value of homes in your immediate neighborhood. Put your average figure at the center of the figure the circle. ($150,000 for example). Net multiply that figure by .3 or an additional 30%. Add that figure to your original amount. ($195,000) for example that figure That new amount, you jot down outside your circle. Now recall your previous ten sales. If they were done in a neighborhood inside your circle place an “x” in the circle. It the house was more value, put a “y” outside your circle.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? How many marks were an “x” and how many were a “y”? I am willing to same you had more x’s than y’s. If you are like most insurance selling agents, my advice would be that is normal. You feel comfortable selling to those in similar income brackets as your environment. My tip would be that you need to gradually move up to make more appointments with prospects in the ‘Y’ or yes zone.

SET YOURSELF A VERY TOUGH GOAL. The 90 day goal should be that the figure outside your circle would increase by 2% more “y” yes marks outside your present comfort zone. This would increase the amount of your insurance premiums, and along with it your commissions.. Sales history shows that this goal sounds easy, yet is very difficult to reach and maintain

THE COMPANY SALES ZONE Approach your sales manager, and hope for once you get the truth and not a fable. Ask him what the average sales amount is among All agents, along with the average price info on house values in the neighborhood.. He is going to come to you with the outlandish figures, which happen to be the same as what the career agency wants. Do yourself a mental lift. Find out what zip code your sales manager lives in. Then on the internet searching for census data you will find out roughly what he is earning and what the value house value of clients would be around him. A sneaky tip to determining his income is to take the house value, divide it by 3, and you will be in the ballpark. You are now determining his personal comfort zone. Advice: do not tell him this.

Compare your comfort zone with your insurance sales manager’s comfort zone, and the zone the company expects you to be in., When your sales manager is not even close to company expectations how could you be? In fact do this insurance advice, detective work. You should find out that 20% or less of your fellow sales people are working with company expected ideal clients on a consistent basis. The other 80% will within their starting personal comfort zone,or still close to it.

Trying to increase your selling to clients 50% out of your zone, will only lead to too few sales, and a false feeling on inadequacy in your sales abilities. It is easier to find a sales position elsewhere that allows you to be in your comfort zone. Start on a step-building process, no one starts at the top.

Source by Donald Yerke

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