The problem with most health insurance agents is that they often employ the gather-gather approach to health insurance leads, especially those not in their warm markets. Everyone and anyone becomes an insurance sales lead without ever considering the person’s health insurance needs and his or her capacity to pay.

Not surprisingly, in the old days, insurance agents often had doors slammed in their faces. Back then, this was the exception rather than the norm. But really now, you don’t have to put with this kind of treatment these days. You can benefit from technology and use it to come up with new ways of doing old things.

One thing you can do is to generate health insurance leads from your warm markets. Ask referrals from your family and friends, and don’t be shy about it. The good thing about generating leads from your warm markets is that the trust factor is already there, unless if you’re in the habit of ripping off friends and family. If your significant others trust you, they will trust you enough to refer some of their own friends to you. Take note though, that in some cases you will have to ask for references.

Don’t be lazy about researching on your prospects. Increasing your chances at closing the sale has a lot to do with you finding it your sales lead needs your product and if he or she can afford it. Reserving your sales calls only for the people who need your product and can afford it will make your job a lot easier and more profitable.

Market your products, but there’s a certain way to market your products. Essentially, you need to market your products in such a way that it strikes a chord with your prospects at the emotional level. You can center your sales pitch around love, fear, greed or some other emotion. People essentially buy products because of emotional factors. They rationalize their purchase only AFTER the fact of buying.

Aside from your relatives and friends, you can also generate your leads from insurance websites that offer health insurance leads. Essentially, these websites are just looking for sale agents who can work on their pre-qualified leads. Some websites will even set you up for an appointment with a client only for signing an insurance plan. What you have to do is to sell new products to an old client.

It is a fact in the insurance industry that most agents quit the business practically as soon as they are done selling to their family and friends. However, it does not change the fact that insurance agents still earn more than the average American who works a 9 to 5 job. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2006, the average insurance agent earned an average of $58,450 while the average American family earned only $48,201 in the same year.

Source by Susan Mayer

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